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I’m looking for funny/entertaining absolute savage content creators AND FREELANCERS for production (Weekly Podcast, Video Content Pre/Post, graphics, live-streaming, web-design) for

I’m reaching out to my followers who are familiar with the brand and enjoy my content vs. some frat-house-joy boy turned limp-wristed beta male soy-boy that I can find on Fiverr or Upwork.

DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB JUST YET! This is going to be contract work, per-diem or per-post – mostly on weekends.

Here the goal:

Looking to move forward and turn my YouTube Channel into a full-time sports-comedy gig. I’ll be launching a podcast, daily blog content, more videos and events/appearances. It’s going to be totally unfiltered. Looking for guys who played ball at school and have some savage takes on what’s happening in sports, culture, entertainment, etc.

What we need:

Production: Pre and Post – set-up, video and audio, editing, etc. I’m looking for freelancers that are willing to commit to the weekend and get paid “Per Video” – not per day. So, if we shoot 6 videos on a Sunday – I’d pay you a percentage of sponsorship revenue for each video. At first, we will be shooting one video per week. But, depending on how sales go this could increase to a full-time thing. For pre-production of video and podcast, you’d need to be local to North Attleboro, MA.

Writing: Looking for guys to write content to “bro’s” in the 18-34 male demo. This would be a combination of “comedy-sketch” writing and blog posts. I need a team around me to come up with great ideas and topics – sports, pop culture, politics, current-events, etc. For a blog post, you would get paid per post. If we’re writing a comedy sketch that will get produced and aired, I’ll probably pay you a percentage of the sponsorship revenue.

SALES: You would be targeting companies that push their product to “bro’s” in the 18-34 male demo. So – protein supplement companies, blogs, clothing lines. You would also handle all inbound website leads for custom videos, appearances, public speaking offers and live events.You would be responsible for lead generation and closing business.

I’ve provided a link to the sponsorship you would be selling:

You would get a good percentage of any sponsorship sale. The key will be to hustle, fire out emails and hit the phones. It’s all commish – no base salary – until if/when this thing takes off. You can do it part-time or on the weekends. I’d have a conference call once a week with the sales team to track leads, opps and forecast potential business.

Still interested? Email

Baseball Culture Comedy: Smashing Smoke like an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE!