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Utlimate Brotivation: Thrillride Prepares for Alumni Game

I’m a pretty solid dude. I’m very intense at times. But, it takes a lot to get me actually angry. So, can you stop telling me that you loved my “softball” video? Never in my life did I play softball. I played baseball my entire life through college. Even though in the middle of the week during non-Conference play, a DIII College Game can turn into softball with no pitching, decent defense and a ton of hitting, it’s still a bullshit thing to say.

This is really what started the whole Thrillride. I was getting back into wrestling – just for fun. I decided to become an over the top heel using 80s-90s style promos. I decided to cut one on the Fitchburg State University Baseball team before our annual Alumni Game. One take like a pro.

First time in school history, we won the game 8-3. I went 2-3 with an RBI, Run Scored, delayed steal and I pulled off the hidden ball trick. Yes. I was an absolute savage. The only time I ever stepped on a baseball field since was to film “Smashing Smoke” – my hitting tips video.

Enjoy – Seeya Dinks!