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Thrilly Stuffs Squid in Locker and Preps for Battle Brothers

RRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Thrilly-Dilly is getting ready for 4 big shows at the end of August with my best buddy in the business: The “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman – like an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE! The Northeast Wrestling Tag Team Champions, “So Over,” cut a promo on Larry Overfield and the Battle Brothers at a ferocious pace. For ticket information, visit:

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I must say… after getting married and putting on 20lbs of IPAs, I’m finally starting to MAKE THRILLY GREAT AGAIN and get the physique “Thrillride-Caliber.” Married life and a new job slinging software has made it tougher for me to consistently put out content on this website and YouTube channel. However, I have been hammering Instagram at an elite level: Follow Thrillride on INSTAGRAM

I’m looking at Crowd-Funding options through Patreon and have added new merchandise items to help finance the channel with the hope that I can invest much more time on creating ABSOLUTE SAVAGE CONTENT. Ideally, I need to hire a camera man, video editor and social media manager (maybe even a writer) to create WEEKLY videos about the gym, my wrestling career, pop-culture & sports “hot-takes.” I think I have a solid following that has given me a foundation to take this brand to the next level.

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Boston: City of Champions – Celtics

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Until next time… SSSSEEYA DINK!!!!!

Reading Mean Tweets and Hate Mail

I’ve got to say that this was one of my favorite promos that I ever did. These were actual mean tweets sent my way. What wasn’t known at the time was that I was in the process of confirming a tryout with WWE at the Performance Center in Orlando. So, I was feeling pretty good about myself at the time. Well, as it turns out, they were all set with Thrillride.

I’ve since moved on and haven’t been in the ring since August of 2015. Do I intend on coming back? Not really. The moment I told people that I didn’t get signed by the WWE, I knew that I wasn’t returning. If I didn’t have any intention on leaving wrestling, I would have kayfabed that information – like you are absolutely supposed to.

The goal is to create the most absolute savage blog on the internet with epic content every day. Thrillride lives forever. RRRRRRRAHHHHHH