My Response to Denver Fans after the AFC Championship Promo

Five months have passed since my last video. During that time, the WWE officially gave a “Thumbs-Down” to the Thrillride, I gave up wrestling and asked my all-time favorite floozie (she’s not a floozie) to marry me. Yes. Thrillride is engaged to be married, this spring.

It’s funny. After all that time passed and it was time to shoot this video, I wondered if anyone would watch it. Did anyone remember they subscribed to my channel? Would it get posted anywhere?

When I put the camera on the dashboard, I suddenly remembered how much fun I have making videos for the savages that follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and hopefully now on Needless to say, my first video back after 5 months got 200,000+ views and became my 2nd most watched video behind the “Alumni Game” Video.


It’s a great outlet and makes me think about what to do with the “Thrillride Brand” in the future. I’ve given consideration to getting into stand-up comedy. But first, I need to pass my NASM CPT Exam and get this website fully functional and continue to sell medical software at a very high level – like an absolute savage!!!

If you get bored this weekend and if you live in Boston where it’s -5 degrees out, you will, check out the onslaught of hateful comments by Denver Broncos fans on this video. I must have Kayfabed the fuck out of these guys, who have no idea I’m playing a character.

To get an idea of how classless some of these guys are, I’ve heard multiple stories that a Patriots fan (who was in the Peace Corps) was knocked out cold at the Stadium following the AFC Championship Game and is still in critical condition. Apparently, these fans don’t get to the Super Bowl that often and don’t know how to handle themselves.

Of course this hasn’t been reported on any media outlets. But, I’ve heard from multiple friends.

I thought about shooting a response video to all of the hemp-necklace, earthy-crunchy, hipster, twinks from Denver. It probably would have been comedic gold.

But, my short time on the Independent Wrestling Circuit around good trainers taught me, you always let the fans “get over” on the heel when the heel gets beat. So, I figured I’d give Denver fans their moment. The better team was victorious and they deserve to celebrate.

In terms of the accusations I referenced when bashing Peyton: I was throwing out one-liners to make people laugh. It’s a comedy channel, bro. I don’t even have a problem with a guy taking HGH to recover for an injury. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the fact that the media essentially passed on criticizing Peyton Manning, when Brady got crucified by ESPN, Cable News and the court of public opinion for something as stupid as deflating footballs.

Out of respect for Peyton Manning ending his career on a high note (if he choses to retire & those sexual assault charges get disproven), I’ve went ahead and purchased a Denver Broncos Zubaz out-fit from head to toe, bro.



Needless to say, it’s bulking season. Congrats to the Super Bowl 50 Champion, Denver Broncos.




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