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“You looking to SMASH that 18-34 male demo, bro?

RRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHH!!! Thrillride Empire Inc. offers multiple video sponsorship and advertising packages to help get your brand out to a larger audience in the most unique, comedic and absolute savage way possible.

Thrillride produces original content providing absolute savage takes on Baseball, Working Out, Sports and Pop Culture. We offer promotional sponsorship opportunities before, during and after original Thrillride Content, which will be shared to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Featured on Barstool Sports, MLB Network, Boston-Radio Stations and loved by a cult following of celebrities and Pro-Athletes, Thrilly’s absolute savage content continues to reach a growing audience.

Thrillride’s YouTube Channel contains 47 videos totaling 3M views – averaging 55,000 views/per video.

  • 94% of Thrillride’s YouTube Subscriber Base is Male 18-54.

Multiple Program Options, which include:

  • 3 Second Promotional Consideration Ads during video intro
  • Logo Placement
  • Customized 60-second ads placed at the end of publicly shared Original Thrillride YouTube Content
    • Shared to:
      • Instagram (55,000 followers)
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
    • Discounts provided for “Paid Boosts”
    • Premium Package includes Video Reach Guarantees
    • And many more details…

Reach out to Sales@AbsoluteSavage.com and onemanthrillride@gmail.com for more details!

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Baseball Culture Comedy: Smashing Smoke like an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE!