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Smashing Smoke Vol. 2 – Thrillride Delivers an Inspirational Laser Show for UNC Wilmington


Obviously, this is a must watch for any College Baseball Bro. In this video, Thrillride delivers an inspiration laser-show to the defending Colonial Athletic Association Champion UNC Wilmington Baseball Team. But, Thrilly wanted to post this publicly because this applies to every single college baseball player (particularly in New England) that have spent all winter indoors, playing long-toss, lifting weights and are now ready to head down south for the spring.

Thrilly managed to drop one-liners about Jerry Sandusky, Jared Fogle and Michael J. Fox in a single video about baseball. Those are the names that made the cut. I edited out how pitchers shouldn’t hang curveballs like Robin Williams or like Chris Benoit on his BoFlex.

Too soon? Nah. They quit… RRRRAHHHHH!!!

Obviously, the most eye-catching part of this video (besides the amazing Ryan Braun Team USA World Baseball Classic Jersey with American Flag Zubaz pants) is how incredible my swing continues to look after years off. It’s like riding a bike, bro.

Smashing Smoke – Hitting Tips Vol. 1

Obviously, there wasn’t a Vol 2 ever made. But, there probably should be. And with wrestling in the rearview mirror, it probably makes sense for me to provide some hitting advice for Little League J-Brones that will never grow up and be as talented as I was.

Take aways from this video: 1) After years off playing baseball, my swing is still fucking majestic. 2) I’m still mad at myself for leaving my vintage Thrillride Shades at the house before shooting. 3) The only reason I was shirtless was because I sweat through my tank early because it was 98 degrees, early on 4th of July weekend. It worked out because it added to the douche factor.

This one was my 2nd biggest video I ever did, until the 2016 AFC Championship video, when I talked about how Peyton Manning injects aborted fetuses in his neck before he eventually beat the Pats (which is now #2 most watched). I was at a Cape House with my buddy the “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman, chasing girls a few years ago, as this thing went viral. It was a lot of fun. Now, I’m engaged to be married. FUN TIMES.


Utlimate Brotivation: Thrillride Prepares for Alumni Game

I’m a pretty solid dude. I’m very intense at times. But, it takes a lot to get me actually angry. So, can you stop telling me that you loved my “softball” video? Never in my life did I play softball. I played baseball my entire life through college. Even though in the middle of the week during non-Conference play, a DIII College Game can turn into softball with no pitching, decent defense and a ton of hitting, it’s still a bullshit thing to say.

This is really what started the whole Thrillride. I was getting back into wrestling – just for fun. I decided to become an over the top heel using 80s-90s style promos. I decided to cut one on the Fitchburg State University Baseball team before our annual Alumni Game. One take like a pro.

First time in school history, we won the game 8-3. I went 2-3 with an RBI, Run Scored, delayed steal and I pulled off the hidden ball trick. Yes. I was an absolute savage. The only time I ever stepped on a baseball field since was to film “Smashing Smoke” – my hitting tips video.

Enjoy – Seeya Dinks!

Yes. When Pitchers Wear Helmets, MLB Cuckholds to the Pussification of America.

The Major League Baseball Players Association has sent protective helmets to 20 MLB pitchers for Spring Training. The next steps? Reportedly, corner infielders will be getting body armor and base runners can drive tanks… Filled with tampons.

Insert your comment below. Tell me how I’m being, “Tommy Tough-Nuts,” or a, “hardo.” I’d rather be those things than be soft enough to wear something incredibly goofy to protect myself against the 1 and 1,000,000 chance that I get hit in the head with a line-drive because my mechanics sucked to the point where I couldn’t get my hand up to field my position.

To be fair, this is not becoming a league rule. This is simply an option pitchers will now have to help them with some anxiety about a potential life-altering head injury. I have less of a problem with this than when guys like Barry Bonds used to wear protective gear on their arms/elbows and crowd the plate without fear of getting drilled. I sympathize with any pitcher that has been hit with a line-drive. Growing up, I was smoked off the leg on numerous occasions. But, what does this device do to protect your face, jaw, nose, etc.?


This is a situation when – as a country – we have succumbed to the “Pussification of America.” Yes. This is where bullying and hazing have it’s place in a sports locker room. If you decide to rock one of those things, you should absolutely be emasculated by your teammates. I mean, with all due respect, it’s pretty gay. If you wear this, it just looks like you pack more fudge than the Sedona Chocolate Factory. Not that there is anything wrong with that, if that’s who you are. No disrespect intended for them or those who work at Sedona. We need to bring manufacturing jobs back in this country.

If you wear this helmet while pitching, it should be an official MLB Rule that when you go out to a bar after the game, you have to wear a sign on your chest that reads, “I’m a pre-mature ejaculator with a wart-infested baby dick.” That doesn’t need to be the exact phrase on the sign. But, it has to be something that will completely prevent you from getting laid. It’s only fair…