Thrilly Stuffs Squid in Locker and Preps for Battle Brothers

RRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Thrilly-Dilly is getting ready for 4 big shows at the end of August with my best buddy in the business: The “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman – like an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE! The Northeast Wrestling Tag Team Champions, “So Over,” cut a promo on Larry Overfield and the Battle Brothers at a ferocious pace. For ticket information, visit:

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I must say… after getting married and putting on 20lbs of IPAs, I’m finally starting to MAKE THRILLY GREAT AGAIN and get the physique “Thrillride-Caliber.” Married life and a new job slinging software has made it tougher for me to consistently put out content on this website and YouTube channel. However, I have been hammering Instagram at an elite level: Follow Thrillride on INSTAGRAM

I’m looking at Crowd-Funding options through Patreon and have added new merchandise items to help finance the channel with the hope that I can invest much more time on creating ABSOLUTE SAVAGE CONTENT. Ideally, I need to hire a camera man, video editor and social media manager (maybe even a writer) to create WEEKLY videos about the gym, my wrestling career, pop-culture & sports “hot-takes.” I think I have a solid following that has given me a foundation to take this brand to the next level.

To support Thrillride take his ABSOLUTE SAVAGE Brand to the O-ZONE, check out some of the new items on the website!:

4th of July White Performance T-Shirt

Boston: City of Champions – Celtics

Boston: City of Champions – Bruins

TCB: Taking Care of Biceps

Until next time… SSSSEEYA DINK!!!!!



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