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    Barstool Appearances

    ROAD to 200 Episode 1 Featuring the One Man Thrill Ride

    ROAD to 200 Episode 1 Featuring the One Man Thrill Ride

    Making Handsome Happen with Hank

    Barstool's, "Road to 200" marked an important chapter in Thrillride's "internet-career." RAH!

    Barstool contacted me to make an appearance in one of their videos. Prior to that, a number of my YouTube videos made it to the Stool and helped me gain some traction. But for the first video on Davey Pageview's dime, Hank was trying to become a heavyweight and get to 200 lbs for Figawi - a summer staple for ABSOLUTE SAVAGES in Nantucket, MA. On the first day of shooting, he was about 155 lbs and looking like a melted candle with a hatred for food and lifting weights. The challenge appeared impossible.

    That's when he contacted yours truly. 

    Besides a couple phone conversations with Dave, the Barstool crew didn't know how much of Thrillride was real versus a schtick. This was - in effect - the first time we worked together. Each time, I've been impressed with the professionalism and quality of guys that work there (not a lot of ladies back then). The Barstool crew got to see me "in the act" working at my craft. I believe this helped me get some respect from their crew, as they got to hang around me for a couple hours to know the real me and gain an appreciation for my on-screen "performances." It's impressive to see how the production value has improved since this video. It's great to see how HUGE they have become and continue to be.

    The best part about the "Road to 200" was that each video got better than the last. Hank wasn't as strong on camera as he was when he was doing his ridiculous Vince McMahon impression on the Rough N' Rowdy prelude video, which I thought was hilarious. But, we had good on-screen chemistry. The odd-couple. I found out at Rough N Rowdy that Episode 3 disappeared off the Barstool Website and is NOWHERE to be found. This could be their only stain on their generally untarnished legacy.

    This is the video when "SCRAMBIES" became a thing. I actually used it in the video "From Average to ABSOLUTE SAVAGE" first, a few weeks prior.

    Little known fact, it is actually stolen from Jim Carrey in Cable Guy after he buys Michael Broderick a prostitute. "Scrambie-Eggs."

    THRILLRIDE RATING - 8.2 out of 10

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