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    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    Don't look now, but Uconn Baseball is smoking hot.  In a back and forth game which saw both teams grab a slice of momentum, it was eventually Christian Fedko's absolute missile over the wall in left that would prove to be the game winner in the bottom of the 8th.

    Uconn which was on the brink of elimination, was able to push the season forward as they wore out a tough Coastal Carolina team and in doing so earned another shot at the University of Washington tonight.  It won't be an easy task by any means, with Uconn having to grab two wins to advance to the Super Regional, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it's this seasons Uconn squad.

    In the middle of the action all weekend long has been "Viper" aka Christian Fedko.  This kid is just dripping in swag right now and throughout the regional has provided a massive spark to the Huskies.  Today he was in the middle of the action again all day long, while providing the final venom to Coastal Carolina's season.  After a massive momentum shift in which Coastal Carolina came storming back on Uconn, Fedko stepped up just when a sliver of doubt was casting over the stadium, and checked into Smashville Tennessee with a no doubter to left that silenced the crowd.  The way Viper teed off you would have thought he's done it a thousand times, however it was his first jack of the year to make the situation even more special. 

    Uconn would surrender a few wall scrapers in the top of the 9th, but nothing damaging to move onto a showdown with Washington in a night cap.  Uconn used the long ball multiple times today to beat back any advances by CCU and will look to keep the gears of war burning tonight.  Isaac Feldstein was a monster today with a moon shot and 4 RBIs, while Anthony Prato smacked a ding dong of his own.  P.J. Poulin, who's the closer, was great through 6.0 IP surrendering 2 ER to go with 6 Ks.

    Tune into Espn tonight to watch The Viper and his fellow Huskies look to extend their summer into the Super Regional.



    Savage Spotlight: Roger Dorn

    Savage Spotlight: Roger Dorn

    First off if you think that Roger Dorn was a beta, then you're a beta.  Dorn was a savage his entire career and was so big league it hurt.  Some haters like to say that Dorn was just a pussy, engulfed in a massive contract; a true burden to the Indians. 

    Fact: betas don't get fat contracts and hot ass tail like Mrs. Dorn. People that get fat contracts and big time coin, produce on and off the field.

    Fact # 2 from the haters: Mrs. Dorn banged out Wild Thing, how can he be an absolute savage alpha male?

    Response:  Ummmm pretty sure the only reason she banged out Wild Thing was because she saw that dirty dog Roger taking two bimbos into the closet during the post game celebration on live television.  Dorn was getting more ass than a New York City park bench, and his wife was just lashing out, it happens.  Don't hate the player, hate the game.  

    Fact # 3 from the haters: Dorn took no pride in defense.

    Response:  Ummm fuck spring training.  It's Dorn hes a star.  When Lou tried to hit him with the push-up punishment, savvy Dorn hit him with the contract stating he didn't have to do push-ups.  Contracts don't lie, and look at guys like Bumgarner who rip motorcycles and violate contracts, shit gets sloppy fast.  Plus, when the lights were the brightest, Dorn and his glove were both present when it mattered the most.

    Dorn was an electric member of the clubhouse and was big into hazing, as he was all up in Ricky Vaughn's shit from day one.  Not condoning hazing, but usually alpha males are conducting it, just saying.  Plus was it really hazing, or just Dorn being a veteran big leaguer?  Show up to any new job or environment looking like a clown and its bound to draw attention from the senior members of that establishment.  Dorn was just doing his due diligence and letting the Rookie fuck boy know where he was on the totem pole.

    All in all Dorn was an Absolute Savage.  He had a hot wife, banged hot chicks on the side, was one of the boys and produced in the spotlight.  He honestly could have blown up the entire clubhouse and knocked out Ricky on the mound after the incident, but delivered one of the best, most heroic lines of all time. 

     All hail Roger Dorn and let us embrace this Absolute Savage, hot boy bad boy maniac.  


    Red Sox fall again to the A's, while the Yankees were suspended after 6 due to weather.

    Red Sox fall again to the A's, while the Yankees were suspended after 6 due to weather.

    The A's once again waltzed into Fenway Park, started to bend but never broke.  Led by one of the best stories this year in the MLB, Stephen Piscotty, the A's were able to get to Eduardo Rodriguez for 3 runs through 5 then added 2 more later in the 8th off of beta Steven Wright, his first action since his knee injury and 15 game suspension for violating MLB's Domestic Violence policy.

    Piscotty came to the dish in the second with the A's up 2-0, and reversed a 0-2 count into a moonshot over the monster.  Just off of the bereavement list after the passing of his mother, Piscotty flew across the country to Boston to play in the series.  It's always a feel good story when you see a good guy like Piscotty who has dealt with so much over the past year, come through like he did.  I loved how his Mother who had a great sense of humor per Piscotty, stated that growing up Stephen and his brothers would crush naked wiffle ball in the back yard like absolute savages.

    The Sox would never take the lead in this one, though Moreland stayed hot with the bat, ripping two doubles and Benintendi added 3 hits and a homer all in the losing effort.  Mookie Betts took a rare 0-5 at the dish so look for him in any Fantasy format today to do big things with the stick.

    For the A's Doug Mengden, much like Manaea the night before, scattered out the 8 hits, and allowed no walks through 6.0, picking up his 3rd win of the season.  Treinen pitched a sloppy 9th to secure his 8th save of the season.

    For the Yanks, the verdict is still out as they are knotted up at 3 after 6 against the Nationals.  Tyler Austin got a couple of good swings in, including a 2 run shot and a sac fly to account for all of the Yankees runs.  The game is supposed to resume today at 5pm ET, however weather is going to be an issue this entire series, and there is no guarantee the rest of this series will even take place.  

    Benedict Arnold (Robinson Cano) pops hot, suspended 80 games.

    Benedict Arnold (Robinson Cano) pops hot, suspended 80 games.

    Listen, I have a lot of hate in my heart for Robinson Cano ever since Jay Z and the Roc Nation boys swooped him up, almost botched his deal completely with the Mariners because they had no clue what they were doing, before finalizing way under the anticipated amount by like 40-50 million bones.  

    Now make no mistake I love Hova, and from time to time bump him loud and aggressively in my stereotypical white suburb neighborhood from my Toyota Tacoma (TRD Off Road obviously), but since Cano left the Yanks I have had a lot of anger that has just been boiling over and ready to explode.

    He was supposed to be the future of the Yankees.  Born in the system and was primed to be the next star, but in his last year you could see the beta in him spilling over.  The talent is there, and the stroke is beautiful.  He plays effortless defense which is often mistaken for lazy but it is anything but.  However I always questioned if New York was for him and if winning was really what he was all about as did most Yankee fans.

    When he chose Seattle I knew that he was content with the money over success.  Cano is so talented I really don't think he has to work that aggressively in the off season and can just do the minimum to get by.  His career numbers are awesome and 14 years in even with this hiccup, I could see him being a hall of famer because of his consistency.  The dude is a monster second half performer but it has never really translated to winning in Seattle.

    When I think of Cano I think of many things.  Talented? Of course.  Beta traitor? Duh.  Winner?. No.  Seattle hasn't been to the playoffs since 2001 which is insane because it always seems like they field good teams.  I don't think Cano is the type of guy who laces into the boys after a tough game.  I think instead he packs his bags and heads home or back to the hotel emotionless.

    So whats this mean for the Mariners in 2018?  Well they dished out the dough and brought in some studs like Dee Gordon so you know they were all in on this year.  Cano is now suspended 80 games and for the playoffs after testing positive for the diuretic furosemide, which violates the MLB's drug prevention and treatment program according to ESPN.  

    So just as the Mariners were sitting a game and a half out of first, Cano once again let them down.  The big money super star just doesn't know how to be a franchise player after all these years and nor does he want to.  He will take his suspension then return and get after it.  He'll make the Hall of Fame most likely.  However he will never be a clubhouse leader or a true leader.  Maybe Jeter and the core four cast a shadow too large for him, but anyway you look at it this is just another head shaking moment in the career of Robinson Cano.






    John Cena is Working the Fuck Out Of You Right Now

    John Cena is Working the Fuck Out Of You Right Now

    So now that the entire world has officially been mind-fucked by one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen, it’s time to question why this is even happening?

    Back up the truck… Here’s the deal. WWE Superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella announced they were breaking up weeks ago. It sent douche-chills through the wrestling and entertainment industry. 

    (EDITORS NOTE:  Thrillride is a big John Cena fan and considers him one of the GOATs)


    Cena even made reference to the break up in the ring days after the break up was announced.

    Now we flash forward to yesterday, Cena goes on the Today Show and absolutely works the fuck out of the entire country. 

    "The point is - for anyone out there speculating on what's going on, I love her, I want to be with her, I want to make her my wife, I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work and that's just from the heart.”


     I’ll tell you what... Cena is a horribly good actor. He’s horrible at acting but good enough to draw money and attention.  

    He always seems to stick to the script but when he goes into ad-lib mode is where he fucks himself royally. 

    "I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories and everyday from 6-9 I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction.” 

    Nobody fucking talks like this. LITERALLY nobody.

    So now the question… Why are Cena and Bella working the world?

    Is it because Total Bella’s is back in 5 days?  Oh weird… 

    Is it because their ratings were down last year? Probably so… 

    This is Cena’s best storytelling in years, certainly beats that clusterfuck of a story with the Undertaker.

    But here’s my question… Cena is finally getting close to The Rock territory. He’s getting solid acting gigs and raising eyebrows.

    He literally just got the lead role in a Rock produced film. So why would a work like this help him in anyway? 

    I can’t answer that but maybe Nikki Bella can when she goes on the Today Show tomorrow.



    John Cena went back on the Today Show and mind-fucked you again.