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    BASEBALL college baseball

    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    Don't look now, but Uconn Baseball is smoking hot.  In a back and forth game which saw both teams grab a slice of momentum, it was eventually Christian Fedko's absolute missile over the wall in left that would prove to be the game winner in the bottom of the 8th.

    Uconn which was on the brink of elimination, was able to push the season forward as they wore out a tough Coastal Carolina team and in doing so earned another shot at the University of Washington tonight.  It won't be an easy task by any means, with Uconn having to grab two wins to advance to the Super Regional, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it's this seasons Uconn squad.

    In the middle of the action all weekend long has been "Viper" aka Christian Fedko.  This kid is just dripping in swag right now and throughout the regional has provided a massive spark to the Huskies.  Today he was in the middle of the action again all day long, while providing the final venom to Coastal Carolina's season.  After a massive momentum shift in which Coastal Carolina came storming back on Uconn, Fedko stepped up just when a sliver of doubt was casting over the stadium, and checked into Smashville Tennessee with a no doubter to left that silenced the crowd.  The way Viper teed off you would have thought he's done it a thousand times, however it was his first jack of the year to make the situation even more special. 

    Uconn would surrender a few wall scrapers in the top of the 9th, but nothing damaging to move onto a showdown with Washington in a night cap.  Uconn used the long ball multiple times today to beat back any advances by CCU and will look to keep the gears of war burning tonight.  Isaac Feldstein was a monster today with a moon shot and 4 RBIs, while Anthony Prato smacked a ding dong of his own.  P.J. Poulin, who's the closer, was great through 6.0 IP surrendering 2 ER to go with 6 Ks.

    Tune into Espn tonight to watch The Viper and his fellow Huskies look to extend their summer into the Super Regional.





    The men of UMASH Boston would be the first to tell you that a successful regular season means nothing if you aren't stacking hardware in the end.  Today they checked the first block as they wiped out Eastern Connecticut State University in a no doubter to claim the Little East Conference crown.

    Kicking off the scoring in the 2nd inning, UMASH never looked back in route to a 13-0 spanking of the Warriors.  While the bats were electric, highlighted by a perfect 4-4 performance at the dish from Ryan McCormick and a two run tater by Eddie Riley, the pitching was even better.  

    Tylor Arruda spun 5.0 IP of 1 hit ball for UMASH, along with 5 Ks.  The bullpen would mop up the last two innings, and preserve the 1 hitter in the conference championship.  If anything, this conference tournament UMASH showed they can get it done not only with the bats but with their stud arms as well.

    The Little East Conference has always been one of the premier Division 3 conferences in the Universe, and claiming the title is a great accomplishment however this is UMASH Boston, a team with unfinished business.  Hungry off of their 2017 season, they understand that the LEC may be sweet for the moment but the stakes are about to get much higher.  This isn't a team built to just win conference championships, it's a team striving to be the best in the country and hoist a national championship banner on the wall at Monan Park.  

    UMASH Boston is a great program but now they are transitioning into the team they beat today in Eastern and what that team was in the past; a true powerhouse that stacked National Championships and National Players of the Year.  The Beacons are hungry and the time is now.  Seniors are feeling the once forever internal clock dwindling down, and minutes are turning into seconds.  These are the best days of their lives, but you never know how good it really is until the end is creeping in.  It's go time.  It's time to take dry hacks in the mirror and imagine the walk off in the biggest game of your career because it's now a reality.

    The stage is set and the men are ready for war.  It's time to represent where you came from, your little league organizations, your high schools and most importantly the name on the front of the jersey you are currently rocking.  While the hourglass is thinning on the senior class the stage has never been bigger....time is everything but for now there is only time for one thing, to become legends.



    It all boils down to this, the final showdown.  All the blood, sweat, tears and hours of Fortnite you logged instead of going out on a Friday night because you had a conference double header on Saturday has all paid off.  

    As you walk into your classes in your team affiliated sweat pants and baseball gear, the women are whispering.  The beta soy boys who don't understand baseball because its "boring" suddenly are envious.  You're officially a rock star, and the MASCAC playoffs are your stage.

    However, there can only be one main event, and this year it's Westfield State who is once again proving their resiliency and durability, earning a first round bye.  Anthony Crowley paces a strong offense for the Owls leading the league in multiple offensive categories to include everyone's favorite, home runs at 10.  Big Dog John Gegetskas led the league in ERA (1.70), strikeouts (76) and wins (7).  This absolute savage also tossed 5 CGs and nearly struck out an average of 12 batter per 9.  Westfield has to like their chances early especially with having two alpha males on both sides of the ball.

    Grabbing the other bye and the second overall seed is the Mass Maratime Buccaneers.  Led by head coach Mike Kelley, a former Buc legend himself, and apprentice to the great Bob Corradi, the boys from the Buzzards Bay, who worship the gigantic wind turbine, are once again a threat.  Playing classic Buc baseball, you can expect a disciplined and grinding approach.  Logan Sullo is having a big year with the stick, and sports a very impressive 23/9 BB/K ratio, exemplifying the caliber or players you will face at Mass Maratime.  

    Framingham State is the #3 seed, and has seen their team drastically improve over the years, playing in the championship last year, and gaining immeasurable amounts of experience in doing so.  Hot boy Aaron Williams is an absolute beast offensively, hitting at a .390 clip while torching the base paths Willie Mays Hayes style with 24 swipes.  

    Salem State cruises in with the 4th seed, and is always a threat.  While they haven't hit for much power this year, this team can still hit, and as a team are sitting at a .302 clip.  Mac Daniel Singleton and Joe White pace an offense, that can definitely sneak up on you if you take them lightly.  They also have the pitching to take a first and second rd game, with Stephen Keskinidis and Steve Leavitt turning in very nice seasons.  

    The #5 squad in the best tourney in Mass, is THE FSU (Fitchburg State University).  Obviously the home of Thrill Ride, the green and gold are hungry to make some noise this year.  A lot of that will ride on the shoulders of the freshman Ryan Towle who has had a great freshman campaign tossing the pill. The offense will need to be timely and the defense solid, if the boys want to push into the second round.

    #6 is the men of MCLA.  Led offensively by Jeff Bink and Logan Rumbolt (great name) they wont wont mash you to death with taters, but speed is definitely a factor, swiping 40 bags on the season.  Scrappy is a good style of baseball, and with a solid pitching effort, anything is possible in the MASCAC.

    That rounds out playoff preview and best of luck.  Thrill Ride is pumped for this tourney to kick off, and wants to promote you guys any way possible so please reach out!  Look for this article on all our social media at Absolute Savage Inc and please contribute any content you have!

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    Twitter: @sauerdiesel








    It was just a regular Thursday for me.  I woke up at 3am to check the waiver wire in fantasy baseball, then couldn't fall asleep so I started crushing college baseball stats.  I had a message on instagram from a member of the Clarendon College baseball team with a link to their stats, so I clicked it.  

    My mind was blown and I couldn't think straight.  The room starting spinning out of control as I could not believe what I was reading.  I triple checked the stat line, and drew the conclusion that savagery was officially happening at Clarendon College.

    Through 46 games, the Bulldogs have smashed 86 home runs in total and as a team are hitting a cool .381.  They have a team slugging percentage of .679 and a freaking OBP of .470.  They also have a savage 468 RBIs.  It's safe to say these absolute savage hot boys are just living their best lives right now.  I mean these guys are just alpha male jackhammers who probably murder Fortnite twice as hard as they do the opposition in baseball. 

    It is kind of difficult to sort through their individual stats because they don't have a direct link on their website however I found this stud, Triple Crown machine Mark Castelblanco.  Once again in freaking 46 games, this stud is hitting .453 with with 23 home runs, 84 rbis!!!!!!!!!! and 19 stolen bases to add some icing on the cake.  Have yourself a year, and its not even over yet.  

    More importantly though these bros are winning too, and are sitting at a 31-15 record.  Obviously this a JUCO power house, and most of these boys will go on to big time programs if not get drafted.  Still as a former JUCO guy at one point, the brand of baseball is often overlooked, and is filled with talent.  The cream of the crop in JUCO is on par with any D1 program in the nation, and most of these guys will find their way over to major programs.  The most talented team I ever played on in my life was my JUCO team.

    Best of luck boys and get it done this year.

    Follow the link to their stats: 





    D3 SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT: WPI BASEBALL'S OFFENSE (30 taters in 21 games)

    D3 SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT: WPI BASEBALL'S OFFENSE (30 taters in 21 games)

    Listen, you may argue that robot fest at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is the hottest thing going there, but I am going to flat out tell you that you are wrong and instead its their baseball team's offense.

    Through 21 games they have smashed 30 home runs as a team, at a .330 clip.  Best part about this stat?  They are through and through a cold weather school, having to deal with the suck that is New England Weather, and snow storms in April. 

    I hated playing in the cold.  Despised it.  Everything is stiff and tight, the wind whipping in your face at like a -10 degree wind chill, the water boy's snots just glued to his face from his running nose that he refused to wipe, it's essentially a nightmare.  

    So to return from their Florida trip, and to absolutely mash taters is truly an outstanding feat from the smartest boys in Worcester.  Ryan Tropeano is leading the offense at a .396 pace and 5 home runs, while Tyrone Patterson is swatting a savage .426 and Matt Howard, .429.  David Larson and Steven Gallagher are both tied for the team lead with 6 home runs.

    I see that you guys actually switched stadiums, but your old field on campus was one of my favorite fields to hit at and fun fact in my last college at bat I actually went yard there to right field into the trees against Worcester State in a tournament game.  My first college home run ever was against WPI in Fitchburg as well, so I have a lot of great memories against your program.

    Some of you old timers from WPI might remember Fitchburg had this little freak show in like 2008 or 2009 that blasted 3 home runs against you at your old field on campus, but he was literally booted off the team for shoplifting sunglasses.  Some may say it was a beta move because he was pretty good and fucked the team, but as time has passed it might be a savage move?  Listen I don't know the circumstances, but Oakleys are hot boy status.

    Anyways, congrats to WPI for absolutely mashing the baseball, and make some noise down the stretch and into your conference tournament,  You wont need pitching when the temp warms up to the 70s and your putting up 30 runs a game.  Stay savage, and crush the robot game.

    contact me to get your savage story heard at:

    twitter: @sauerdiesel and instagram: andrew_absolutesavageinc