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    BASEBALL Thrillride

    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    UCONN Baseball Eliminates Coastal Carolina, as Christian "The Viper" Fedko's big fly proves venomous.

    Don't look now, but Uconn Baseball is smoking hot.  In a back and forth game which saw both teams grab a slice of momentum, it was eventually Christian Fedko's absolute missile over the wall in left that would prove to be the game winner in the bottom of the 8th.

    Uconn which was on the brink of elimination, was able to push the season forward as they wore out a tough Coastal Carolina team and in doing so earned another shot at the University of Washington tonight.  It won't be an easy task by any means, with Uconn having to grab two wins to advance to the Super Regional, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it's this seasons Uconn squad.

    In the middle of the action all weekend long has been "Viper" aka Christian Fedko.  This kid is just dripping in swag right now and throughout the regional has provided a massive spark to the Huskies.  Today he was in the middle of the action again all day long, while providing the final venom to Coastal Carolina's season.  After a massive momentum shift in which Coastal Carolina came storming back on Uconn, Fedko stepped up just when a sliver of doubt was casting over the stadium, and checked into Smashville Tennessee with a no doubter to left that silenced the crowd.  The way Viper teed off you would have thought he's done it a thousand times, however it was his first jack of the year to make the situation even more special. 

    Uconn would surrender a few wall scrapers in the top of the 9th, but nothing damaging to move onto a showdown with Washington in a night cap.  Uconn used the long ball multiple times today to beat back any advances by CCU and will look to keep the gears of war burning tonight.  Isaac Feldstein was a monster today with a moon shot and 4 RBIs, while Anthony Prato smacked a ding dong of his own.  P.J. Poulin, who's the closer, was great through 6.0 IP surrendering 2 ER to go with 6 Ks.

    Tune into Espn tonight to watch The Viper and his fellow Huskies look to extend their summer into the Super Regional.



    Red Sox fall again to the A's, while the Yankees were suspended after 6 due to weather.

    Red Sox fall again to the A's, while the Yankees were suspended after 6 due to weather.

    The A's once again waltzed into Fenway Park, started to bend but never broke.  Led by one of the best stories this year in the MLB, Stephen Piscotty, the A's were able to get to Eduardo Rodriguez for 3 runs through 5 then added 2 more later in the 8th off of beta Steven Wright, his first action since his knee injury and 15 game suspension for violating MLB's Domestic Violence policy.

    Piscotty came to the dish in the second with the A's up 2-0, and reversed a 0-2 count into a moonshot over the monster.  Just off of the bereavement list after the passing of his mother, Piscotty flew across the country to Boston to play in the series.  It's always a feel good story when you see a good guy like Piscotty who has dealt with so much over the past year, come through like he did.  I loved how his Mother who had a great sense of humor per Piscotty, stated that growing up Stephen and his brothers would crush naked wiffle ball in the back yard like absolute savages.

    The Sox would never take the lead in this one, though Moreland stayed hot with the bat, ripping two doubles and Benintendi added 3 hits and a homer all in the losing effort.  Mookie Betts took a rare 0-5 at the dish so look for him in any Fantasy format today to do big things with the stick.

    For the A's Doug Mengden, much like Manaea the night before, scattered out the 8 hits, and allowed no walks through 6.0, picking up his 3rd win of the season.  Treinen pitched a sloppy 9th to secure his 8th save of the season.

    For the Yanks, the verdict is still out as they are knotted up at 3 after 6 against the Nationals.  Tyler Austin got a couple of good swings in, including a 2 run shot and a sac fly to account for all of the Yankees runs.  The game is supposed to resume today at 5pm ET, however weather is going to be an issue this entire series, and there is no guarantee the rest of this series will even take place.  



    The Yanks and Sox were both in action yesterday, with both teams coming out on top.  The Sox were able to put away the Blue Jays while the Yanks were able to fight back and eventually overtake a scrappy A's team that has been doing anything but roll over for the Bronx Bombers.

    How it happened for the Sox:  Well the big story was that David Price was able to magically recover from the little known "Yankee Flu" and correct a 3 game personal slide en route to a solid 5.2 IP with 6ks, securing the victory.  I can't stress enough how badly Price needed that win, especially with a looming video game addiction and a no show in the Bronx last start.  If he had to answer to why he lost four straight in conjunction with all his other issues of late, wouldn't have been pretty and definitely would have turned into a clubhouse media nightmare.

    The offense was good enough, paced by Benintendi who went 3-5 with 2 rbis and Hanley who went mashed taters to left field for a 2 run shot.  Devers chipped in a 2-4 effort with an rbi and Mookie smacked 2 doubles (3 total hits) while adding 2 runs.  Last year I was all in on Benintendi in fantasy and with the inevitable Hanley injury always lurking, the Sox will need Benny Biceps to be the monster he was last season in the second half.

    The pitching was much better for the Sox as the bullpen was able to take care of business highlighted by Joe Kelly punching out the side in the 8th and Kimbrel sitting down the side in the 9th.  

    The Blue Jays didn't have much going on offense all day, minus a solo shot by bad boy Justin Smoak who launched a shot to left.

    How it happened for the Yanks: In another unorthodox game, it boiled down to late inning heroics and instant replay for the Yanks to top the Athletics in a hard fought rumble in the Bronx.  In the 9th Chapman walked the bases loaded only to escape unharmed, becoming the first Yankees pitcher in 26 years to walk the bases loaded and not allow a run.  It wasn't without a scare however as Lucroy lofted a fly ball to Gardy, who made the throw to home, only to initially have the runner Matt Olson called safe.  However upon replay and a quick tag applied by El Gary, the runner was ruled out and the game carried on into extra innings.

    In the 11th it was who else but good guy Neil Walker lacing the go ahead rbi single and game winner.  Erasing a four run deficit in route to the victory, the Yankees self corrected a mini 2 game slide and maintained a tie for 1st in the AL East.  

    Sanchez, Hicks and Judge all homered for the Bombers on the offensive side.  The pitching was a little shaky as starter Domingo German wasn't able to harness the same success he had his previous few outings, surrendering 6 ERs.  The bullpen however got the job done the rest of the day with Chad Green, Betances, Chapy and A.J. Cole throwing well, eventually with Cole securing the W.  

    Up Next: The Yanks will send Severino to the hill against the A's and Brett Anderson for a 1:05 ET tilt in the Bronx, while the Sox send out Drew Pomeranz to battle against bad boy Joe Biagini and the Blue Jays in Toronto.  



    As a Josh Hader owner I am well aware of just how filthy he is.  Last night he finally got the love he deserves on the national scene, by throwing 2.2 innings, striking out 8 and earning the save while allowing zero runs.  This year through 18.0 IP, Hader has a cool 39ks, good for an average of 19.5 Ks per 9 IP.  Last year being his first in the bigs, Hader has a career 107 Ks in 65.2 IP with a K/9 ratio of 14.7.

    Hader plain and simple is a monster and has gotten his Yahoo ranking up to 26 overall.  However as he doesn't project to be the teams closer once Corey Knebel returns from an early hamstring injury, that doesn't mean by any stretch that his fantasy value will diminish.

    Hader as I like to dub this style of relief pitcher is the ultimate eraser guy; meaning he can clean up a messy start from a SP all the while driving down your WHIP and ERA while mopping up Ks.  Hader isn't your traditional one and done reliever, and often times stretches out for 1.0 + IP routinely.  He will blow past 100 Ks barring he can stay healthy and will continue to pick up occasional saves even when Knebel is back.  He will probably start to pick up a few wins as well once he slides into that specialized role and comes in tied up games in the 6th or 7th.  

    If Hader is available in your league (he shouldn't be) you need to own him now.  We have seen this trend of dominant, non-closer relievers, like Andrew Miller who literally can turn around a so-so pitching staff and turn your rotation into a contender.  The waiver wire has multiple guys available so if your staff is sucking, seek out a dominant reliever and utilize to stay ahead of the closer carousel.  



    Rahhhhhhhhhh.  So as mentioned in an earlier blog post this month (, Thrilly and the boys of Absolute Savage are hosting a month long, big 3 lifting competition to get all you savages into the spotlight, and possibly hire the next hot boy personality at Absolute Savage Inc.

    So hows it going down you may ask?  Well boom here we go with a quick little outline of the scheme and maneuver.

    WHO: Any Savage on planet Earth to include NARPs (NON ATHLETIC REGULAR PERSON) because that shit is funny as hell too.

    WHAT: To compete in the big 3 lifting competition duh.  Submit a total score of your one rep max of bench press, back squat and dead lift.

    WHERE: Any local gym possible, or for all you garage gym hardos that are passing on hot chicks at your local fitness center to sweat at the crib, that's awesome too, more for the rest of us, what an idiooooootttttttt.

    WHEN: 01 MAY 2018 - 31 MAY 2018

    WHY: To showcase all the talent out there and to put you guys into the spotlight.  We are always searching for talented savages who can fit in with our philosophy and help us reach the next level, so show the fuck off and get creative and rock Absolute Savage gear.

    HOW: There are a number of ways to submit, but your primary way of submitting is to use the hashtag, #3LIFTSAVAGE.  Your alternate way to suck up and make sure you get seen is to tag me on instagram (andrew_absolutesavageinc).  I'll be scanning daily and updating our leader board which will be posted on  Your contingency is to tag Absolutesavageinc on instagram and your emergency but hail mary toss is to tag the legend himself, 1manthrillride, just know that he is a busy man with many followers, however win him over and you might be set for life at the chance he takes a peep.  Either way if you are legit and funny I will hand all your content off to Thrilly Dilly so he can assess just how silly, he wants to get.

    RULES:  Bar to chest on bench, no need to pause rep.  Ass to grass on squats will only help you out; if I have to question depth because your a half squatter that's a no go.  Deadlift is a straight bar deadlift minus no SUMO and straps are ok.  Knee sleeves and lifting belts are also ok, because I would die without them.  If you are rocking Savage gear that's an instant +15 points.  If you scream anything related to Absolute Savage to make it unique like for example, "Rahhhhhhhh" that is +10.  Just to be clear if you do a Savage verbal promo andddddd wear the gear that is +25.  Just for our own record, submit an age and weight as well, however that isn't a game changer.

    That is it suck bags....get after it.  If you are funny as hell and cut a great promo expect your own SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT blog on  At the end of May the king will be crowned as well as individual category leaders.  Expect merch, Thrilly promos on you and a shit ton of other cool stuff we haven't even thought about yet.  Tomorrow is day ZERO, so get afterrrrr it, and please will someone pour milk over there sunken in chest or a buddies and cut a great promo?


    andrew_absolutesavageinc on Instagram.