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    Get in the SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT and enter the #ThrillrideOrDie Contest

    Do you Want to Party with Thrillride?

    Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

    Wait... No, that still works.

    We are looking for regular dudes to go from AVERAGE to ABSOLUTE SAVAGE and be featured in the SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT! 

    All you need to do is rock some merch from the new website, do something ABSOLUTE SAVAGE on video and send it to SALES@ABSOLUTESAVAGE.COM.

    The good entries will be featured on the blog in the SAVAGE SPOTLIGHT with the best entry to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston to spend the day with the One Man Thrill Ride and his team.

    What are you waiting for, bro?????? SEND THE VIDEO!

    Seeya dinks!



    What does it mean to be an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE? 

    RAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm back and have a major announcement next week. Make sure you stay tuned to ABSOLUTESAVAGE.COM to hear the news.

    The Smashing Smoke Series and Podcast had to be put on hold due to the importance of the "endeavor" I'm about to be pursuing. I promise you will be excited.

    Now that our studio is complete and we have went big-league with Film-Making Cameras and legitimate audio, I will be posting daily content on the website. I will also have an improved podcast with a new producer, guests, and improved format.

    This video explains the mission of Absolute Savage Inc., the company that I officially created at the very end of 2018. I have the company's mission statement and definition of what it means to be an ABSOLUTE SAVAGE. 

    You should think of ABSOLUTESAVAGE.COM as your headquarters of "Brotivation." We are here to provide leadership and teach guys to go from AVERAGE to ABSOLUTE SAVAGE. Obviously, I'm playing a character and be funny. But, the lessons we will try to instill are real and have an underlying message about the state of masculinity and political correctness in today's American society.

    This thing is about to explode. You have no idea.

    Seeya dinks!!!!

    Thrilly - Founder, President and CEO