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    Myles Tilton Absolute Savage Inc. biography photo

    Playoff Beard

    To sum it up for you soy-based savages-in-training: this borderline alcoholic will provide insight, sarcasm, and all sorts of offensive takes on sports with a focus centered on hockey and golf. 

    Get a shot glass. Dump out your V8 chaser. Your savage training begins now...

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    Dan Burgess Headshot for Absolute Savage Inc.

    Vanilla Gorilla

    Vanilla Gorilla, formally known as "D," grew up playing football, worshipping the Patriots and Red Sox, and looking like Biff from Back to the Future. Hailing from a small town in Central Massachusetts known for having the most opioid deaths per capita (humble brag), VG graduated from Assumption College (Hounds!) in Worcester, MA and moved to Boston to pursue stand up.

    After 6 years of writing, featuring in stand up, improv and living like a hobo out of his Ford Escort wagon, he hung up the mic for a 9 - 5 corporate job and the married life.

    After 6 years of being a corporate drone, Thrill Ride awakened Mr. Gorilla's inner absolute savage by stripping D's birth name in favor of Vanilla Gorilla, with a mission to return to the notebook to pump out material like Nike apparel in a sweaty Beijing warehouse full of potential adoptees.

    VG is a writer/creative team member, blogger and is whiter than Mitt Romney in a snowstorm.

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    Sam Heeley contributor profile picture on Absolute Savage Inc.

    Shortstop Sammy

    Shortstop Sammy has done many things. He spent his 20’s traveling the country as a civilian with the Department of Defense. He left the financial security of a government paycheck to become a social worker for homeless veterans. He’s also been a blogger, comedian, Lyft Driver, podcast host, documentary filmmaker and most recently a writer for an ad agency in Detroit. And oh yea … he also played Little League baseball with the One Man Thrill Ride.

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